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you may not reach the audience that these major corporations have, but when your name or company is mentioned, it should create an immediate positive impression for those people who are your customers or coworkers. That is the power you are going for: instant name recognition from your customers/clients. You do not want them to have to figure out who you are and what you do you want them to know it instantly by your "branding." The amazing thing is once you build a brand name, you will no longer need to struggle to find work; in fact, your work will find you. How do you create a brand? First, you must know who you really are (at the soul level). Second, you must know what you want to become. Experts agree that it takes time "sometimes several years, to develop a brand. It also takes time and energy. To get the process started, you first need to determine what your present message is. You can ask people, "What five words come to mind
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How to Declutter Your Life This Year De clutter your brain by hiring a coach. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, use your coach for a "brain dump." Get relief from thoughts and feelings, free up space to start planning and taking action. Somewhere in your brain is "strategy central" where you’re keeping track of all the projects in your life finances, volunteer work, children’s activities, dental appointments, work
Cheap wholesale jerseys projects, the dry cleaning . and you’re running out of bandwidth. It comes with a coach! If you knew how to do it, and a Franklin Planner were all you needed, you’d already have done it! Right? De clutter your emotions by developing your emotional intelligence. It’s very messy to get "flooded." De clutter your body by getting rid of the junk you’ve been putting in it, and putting on it. Take off those extra pounds, quit eating twinkies, work out and sweat off the toxins. Keep your hair trimmed, shave on the weekends, cut back on accessories and makeup, throw out the cologne,

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