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time pick of Cincinnati Bengals with 24th overall selection fake ray bans


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buy replica ray ban sunglasses EAST LANSING Darqueze Dennard was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 24th overall pick of the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday night, but he was nowhere to be found among the other first round picks attending the ceremony in New York City.


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wholesale ray ban sunglasses Dennard, the first Michigan State player selected in the first round of the NFL draft since receiver Charles Rogers was taken with the No. 2 pick in 2003 by the Detroit Lions, opted to watch the draft at home with his grandparents and mother in his hometown of Dry Branch, Ga.


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Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert was the first cornerback selected on Thursday night, going No. 8 overall to the Cleveland Browns, and the Chicago Bears selected Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller with the No. 14 pick. cheap fake ray bans


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NFL teams were high on Dennard throughout the evaluation period because of his press coverage and open field tackling abilities at cornerback, but Michigan State secondary coach Harlon Barnett pointed to Dennard’s intangibles when asked to assess how his unanimous All American outgoing cornerback fits into the league. fake ray ban sunglasses


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buy fake ray ban sunglasses “First off, whoever gets Darqueze is getting a good person,” said Barnett, a former NFL cornerback himself from 1990 1996. “The fact he is spending the draft with his family tells you something. His grandparents don’t fly, so he went down there to be with them.


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replica ray bans Dennard had 111 passes targeted to his area last season, and only 17 were completed (15.32 percent) for 91 yards. He defended 14 passes, with four interceptions and 10 deflections. On 55.86 percent of those passes, Dennard re routed or jammed his man away from the ball.


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Receivers averaged 5.35 yards per reception against Dennard, the lowest figure by any defensive back since the BCS era begin in 1998. ray ban sunglasses fake


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cheap wholesale ray ban sunglasses The 0.8198 yards per pass attempt is the lowest since The NFL Draft Report began compiling in depth statistics in 1968. For some perspective on that, two time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Deion Sanders held teams to 0.935 yards per attempt in 1988 at Florida State.


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One NFL scout pointed out that Dennard’s ceiling might not be as high as other cornerbacks in the draft because of the level of expertise with which he was coached at Michigan State. cheap ray ban sunglasses


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Barnett said Dennard was in fact the best student of the game he’s ever coached, but he believes Dennard’s competitiveness will lead to him building on to his skills. replica ray ban sunglasses


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cheap replica ray bans “The thing about Darqueze, he’s an ultimate competitor, and when you’re that way, he’s always trying to get better and taking coaching, so I think he has another level he can go,” Barnett told MLive. “The key is how he goes about his development. He’s one of those guys that can take the classroom to the field immediately, on the board or on film, and transfer it to the field.


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